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An interdisciplinary scientific journal of creative education and natural learning. It provides a collaborative forum for scholars and practitioners with a vested interest in these fields, with the objective of enhancing comprehension and consolidating the theoretical underpinnings essential for the development of efficacious educational ecosystems and methodologies. The scope of the journal encompasses a broad spectrum of scholarly contributions, including theoretical frameworks, conceptual analyses, empirical studies, and methodological innovations, as well as the examination of practical implementations, processes, and outcomes. It addresses both traditional pedagogies and contemporary educational strategies, as executed by academic institutions and educators, utilizing an extensive array of research methodologies. (English)

Current Issue

Vol. 1 (2024)
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Some preference topics for 2024: 

- Equity and inclusivity in education
- Digital transformation and institutional resilience
- STEAM (science technology engineering arts math)
- Improving online and blended learning
- Artificial intelligence for learning experiences
- Project-based and inquiry-based learning
- Collaborative and soft skills training
- Social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum
- Mind mapping and brain sketching

Published: 28-02-2024
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The journal invites academics, researchers and practitioners to submit articles, both research results and ideas, according to the topic of each edition.